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i get distracted so easily...

this isn't alsways a good thing. last night when SB and i were having sex i looked down at my leg and started thinking how odd it looked from the angle i was on, then i couldn't stop thinking about what my face must look like, what i sounded like... it completely threw me off and it was all over before i knew what was happening...

unfortunately this has been happening all the time recently. i just keep getting sidetracked by other stuff... like tattoos i want, things i have to do and what i'm going to wear when i put clothes back on...

anyway i'm semi-frustrated about it because it's always been really good. i just need to stay focused...

on the upside we found a new position this morning which was fun, especially after so long and just when you think that there aren't anymore possible. oh my...

the human body is a wonderful thing...

and i don't just mean opposable thumbs.

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