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i wasn't expecting much from this weekend, especially after seeing the porkers, community cervix and reel big fish twice last weekend. i went out to see the one of sb's bands final shows and they were really bad so it's probably a good thing that they're breaking up.

i thought maybe we were working things out but he was drunk and was making jokes at my expense and then started yelling at me. anyway the next day he apologised and we went to see B.A. baracus on saturday night.

i had a really great night, the bands weren't very good but the company was, some kids from uni and the chick who mr. wolf slept with is actually a really lovely person and i've got to know her alot better over the past couple of months and i don't hold anything against her because she never knew. i stole two signs this weekend, a drink driving educational sign and a huge yellow council sign that says ACCESS TO LIQUORLAND.

mr. wolf was also there cause his band played. at market day i organised to go to the you am i show this friday with his friend dingo if i had no-one else to go with. anyway he said he drop over the new cd so i could tape it.

so today i was cutting my hair (it's turned grey from all the stuff i've been putting in it) and there was a knock at the door. i thought that he was just saying it to be friendly but he actually burnt me a copy of the cd(deliverance).

we had a cuppa and chatted for awhile. it was nice cause he's a really nice guy but i've had a thing for him before and i don't want to get a crush on him again. i mean even though we're having alot of trouble i'm still with sb, though at times i can't think why i put up with it. i guess i just keep thinking things will get better and it will be like it used to be. that and he's mr. wolf's best friend...

i can't think straight. he's a cutie too...

also my hair looks fucking fantastic, even if it is grey.

also maybe i making too much out of this but it's sort of weird that i'm seeing him around every weeeknd now when me and sb are falling apart at the seems. it's sort of fate-ish. i've definately been thinking about it too much.

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