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i know that i love him but i'm not in love with him anymore.

i never understood how that could work until now. everything that has happened has made me not feel the same way about him as i used to but at the same time i still care for him alot. argh... i'm confused.

i was really annoyed on friday night when i went to you am i with him insted of dingo and he was the first person i saw when we got there and we chatted and i gave him a transplants tape i made him and didn't see him for the rest of the night.

just before you am i started i needed water but didn't have any money cause the door price was more than the ticket price and it was all i had left (i have a $1.60 to my name until next tuesday.)

so i asked sb to get me one cause his parents had given him money for food cause they went away for the weekend but he was at my place eating all my food anyway.

he wouldn't buy me water cause he didn't want to break his notes and i spent the rest of the night wishing i'd gone with dingo.

water was finally bought cause sb got thirsty and when i asked for some he made a point of telling me it was $4, as if i didn't know how expensive drinks are at the arena. GGRRRRR.....

so i went to work yesterday and i have my last exam tomorrow morning apart from that everything else is peachy...

i can't stop thinking about dingo now. i feel bad about this but at the same time i think it's sb's own fault because if he treated me like his used to i would never had started thinking about being with someone else again or just being on my own.

and even though i have been thinking about dingo i don't want him cause this been with liz the punk and a heap of other people AND HE'S MR WOLF'S BEST FRIEND. although i heard he is quite well proportioned... hmmm...

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