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i just finished my last exam for the year. it will be no small miricale if i don't fail it miserably but right now i don't give a fuck because I'M ON HOLIDAY.

beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer

oh yeah a week of drinking before i head up the coast to the annual torture which is my brother and sister's birthdays followed by christmas. gag argh.... but after that there's melbourne and and all sorts of glorious delights...

oh i don't know... i don't care. hee hee.

i think maybe it is possible to fall back in love with someone. last night sb told me he would cook me tea and he had NEVER done that in the 8 months we've been together, but yeah it was really good and relaxing and fun and oh... i don't know.

i spent pretty much all of yesterday talking to F1 and F2 instead of studying and i got to vent alot of stuff and be silly and not stressed about exams. i mean lots of us being sassy and stupid and too many fart jokes. it was fun but it makes me not want to move soon. must start looking for new place to live this week...

i can't believe i just finished my third year at uni.... i should have a degree or something to show for it by now, instead of just a damaged liver, a string of ex-boyfriends/grrrlfriends and some super cute clothes.

i'm going to career conselling tomorrow to decide my fate and what subjects i will do next year. i only have 55-65 credit points left to do. and apparently it only takes 15 minutes to decide the rest of your life. all i can say is this chick must be one hell of a career consellor.

oh... i just don't know...

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