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i didn't want to waste my first day of holidays so i covered my bedside table in leopard print contact.

yesterday i drank from 12 to 6pm and then i went and saw crackerjack.

tonight i will also be drinking...

the career consellor was of no help at all but i wasn't expecting much. having a job seems like so much effort...

i'm bored.

today i'm getting photos developed, looking for plastic spray paint and then it's down to centrelink to yell at people for fucking up my pay. there going to get the fist shaking of a lifetime.

things with sb aren't improving as i hoped they would and i'm still unhappy but i have no idea how to break up with him...

my reasons for not breaking up with him yet are slightly selfish:

1. it's his birthday next week. (this one isn't so selfish because no-one wants to spend there birthday just dumped)

2. christmas is less than a month away and i'm a big fan of getting stuff.

3. i have no-one to go to melbourne with and we we're going to stay with his friends down there for free. otherwise i really can't afford to go and i so badly want to go...

4. when he's not being a complete knob i really still love him and i know that i'd miss him.

5. it'd be really hard to avoid him because he lives so close and we go to the same places.

anyway i'm still in a dilemma.

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