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if you want to know you'll have to ask

nothing new to tell and nothing else to say

the end

he fills my world with broken promises and empty words.

it feels like i was only ever there to stroke his ego and make him feel better about himself.

apparently he's in pain but it's because of other things he's scared of and i don't think it has much to do with losing me.

i got alot of sms from him, some at 3-4am in the morning when i had to work 8 hours the next day.

it just makes me realise that he never considers my feelings and he doesn't have any respect for me or my life because everything is about him, even now.

doctor jane left to go backpacking around europe with her sister for three months yesterday. with all the other shit that's been going on i was so sad about this. when i left her on saturday night i was crying. i'm going to miss her. i wanted to go to the mexican mutant wrestling after but i was so drained and sad.

i'm so tired now but i can't sleep. i can't stop thinking...

sms 1: i dont want 2 lose u all i could think about was u all night

sms 2: from now on im goin 2 b that boy u met 8 months ago i 4got hw much sunshine you put in my life.

nothing has happened yet to convince he means what he says.

he told me he loved me, that he couldn't live without me, he couldn't breathe without me, all while scratching his left testicle.

i want to go away.

sometimes i think i expect too much...

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