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my computer needs a new hard drive so i've had to resort back to the computer labs at uni. hmph...

anyway my holidays have been fun but uneventful. i went up the coast to visit my parents for a couple of days i didn't get to go swimmimg because there's an algae problem from the early hot weather. i didn't stay long because my dad, who is now grade A bonkers thinks i should be in property management and that my brother is on drugs. he found a snappy bag in the front yard and mum has snappy bags in the kitchen so he put 2 and 2 together and decided that B must be on drugs (and may also be smuggling refugees into the country.....). anyway i swear he's lost the plot completely.

B's moved down to brisvegas now and it's his birthday on thursday. we went out drinking last thursday with F1, F2 and JB and i had a grand time dancing and drinking and having pizza fights. F2 had cheese stuck to her neck for a while and i couldn't tell her cause i just laughed anyway it amused me greatly...

there's a thunderstorm right now. it sounds so pretty i want to go home and listen to stella one eleven and sleep.

this weekend should be pretty big. tomorrow night sleater-kinney are playing at the zoo, it's $31 bucks but i'm creaming my pants. gag... arghhh... on friday night i'm going to mach pelican with JB and then on sat it's lego man's 21st birthday party. (not that it means much 'cause the legal drinking age in austrtalia is 18) anyway i've been working abit so i can afford to drink copius amounts of beer this weekend.

some of my favourite things this month are:

having money

the transplants cd, it's so fucking good and yummy.

james boags beer, you have to hand it to the tassies for making a kick ass maltlager.

this fantastic weather, if it's below 22 degrees celcius it's too fucking cold

JB's parents having a swimming pool

the idustrial estate down the road and it's quality concrete and vast amounts of it, also has nice grinds and drops (i'm going to be a pro fucking skater by the end of these holidays)

patrick dempsey is in a new movie with reese witherspoon. i own all his dodgy 80's teen flicks, the woo- kid, happy together, can't buy love, it's far too exciting for words. anyway i'm gagging to go see it.

the uni web site is non functional and has me enrolled in advanced chinese and marine biology so i'm trying to fix that but no luck yet...

well apart from the maggots i had to clean out of the kitchen sink this morning not much else has been happening. i got really drunk on sunday and went to a 4ZZZ birthday bash, went home and drank more and got too drunk to go back to see dick nasty.

all in all things have been good.

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