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christmas was better than expected, my dad maintained some sense of normality for the ocassion. he bought a carton of boags but wouldn't drink it because full strength beer gives him a headache, so i took it upon myself to drink as much as i possibly could. i spent the best part of the day playing alex the kid on my old sega master system hooked up to my parents 64cm tv and atleast two hours drinking beer in the spa.

i got some pretty dodgy presents. my favourite being a donnas rock and roll machine t-shirt and and black 3 row pyramid studded belt. i also got a scanner from my parents but as i have no computer its of no use yet. i got a carton from JB and put that to use over the new year.

my new year was not what i expected... my parents called on new years eve at 9am and just abused me on the phone for like half and hour dad had a go at me then mum, so wasn't feeling too special and i told then they could both go fuck themselves and i wasn't coming up the coast for the night. which is in fact the end of a very long standing tradition in my world.

so i spent the day really upset. mum called back but her apology wasn't very sincere so i repeated my afore-mentioned feelings and hung up on her. i'm just so annoyed at both of my parents for still not leaving me to live my own life.

i mean i guess they thought i would grow out of the "phase" i'm in and i assumed being my parents they would love me and accept me for who i am despite our differences. it turns out i was very wrong. anyway fuck them both. i still love my mum but i thought she was better than that.

i went to lego man's place for new year with big pink and it was pretty quite since then i've just been trying to get uni stuff in order but the system is fucked. on sunday super-bruce, sacthel man and i are off to look at houses to move into. i found a pretty cute one today. lots of trees in the backyard and a small verandah... so we'll see.

i'm still crying over him...

F2 and eco amn both moved out last month and the house is so much more empty with big pink there. i miss her.

also the gabba is soon to be knocked down and will be replaced by expensive high rise apartments and an equally expensive shopping complex... that's what brisvegas needs: less live music venues and more apartments and shops..... GGGRRRRR.....

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