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i have a bruised thumb from playing too much sega. i got a heap of old games from an op shop for a $1 each so i've been thrashing it out for two days now. i really wish i had an a atari. the old game machines are so much better than all the new fangled gizmos put together. it's not because i am so totally trendy and retro but the new game playing thingies have like 56 buttons on the contols and my little fingers struggle between the 2 on my master system contol pad. jump and fire. that's it. that's all you need.

anway i'm up the coast and still haven't been to the beach yet, my car got fixed today and i still haven't figured out what's going on with my parents, altough they did take me out to tea last night, i had calamari, a steak that was like an inch and a half think and 2 desserts. i thought if this was my last meal i might as well make the most of it.

dad told me i had to learn to conform and i couldn't "go around playing silly buggers forever" and i nodded and smiled. i dyed my hair black last week and it has pink bits at the back and they HATE it, especially mum, she can't stand the long bits at the front (which are just past my shoulders now) i dreamt that she cut them off while i was sleeping. also they bought me blonde shampoo.

i got bitten on the foot by a green ant today which was 50 times more painful than i thought it should be, but i fail to remember the last time i got bitten by one. i also got books from the library but it turned out that i'd already read them... things could definatly be worse.

oh how i crave the bright lights of the city and the warm embrace of smog.

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