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i have my computer back, bigger and better than before and as soon as i get my scanner hooked up i'll add photo page. oh yeah.

i've been in the new house for almost a week and things are good, satchel man is very cool and has nice shaped feet and i've already seen super bruce in his gruds twice.

anway i went out last night and that was pretty good, i ran into some kids i hadn't seen in ages and i'm going to write some stuff for a new zine which is always something i wanted to do but laziness always gets the better of me. actually i want to start my own zine but i'll see how this goes first.

the hairdye is burning my head... argh...

i bought a really cool yellow cupboard from lifeline but i can't get it up the stairs so it's just sitting in the front yard being all big and yellow.

it's so noisy living on the main road. i feel bad for satchel man cause he got the smallest room closet to the road. there's no security here either so it's just a matter of time before we get broken into or robbed.

anyway i'm too scatty to type much now with so much else going on... i have to wash out my hair, cook tea and get to the valley by 7.

1 week left to melbourne. oh yeah.

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