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i spent the australia day long weekend doing what any proud australian would have done. friday night i drank alot beer, this was followed by more beer on saturday night and all this beer drinking was topped of with more beer, trivial persuit and a SKA-B-Q on sunday.

the ska-b-q was alot of fun, there were heaps of kids out i hadn't seen in ages and the music was really good. we got there for the end of triple 07's set and then there was a very sublime like band called rogerthat and then dr octapus which were really fun.

everyone got JB really wasted for her birthday, she was so cute trying to dance and hold on to a rail at the same time. big pink passed out by 5.30 and slept in the car for the rest of the night. after too much beer and dancing my bung tennis knee gave way, luckily i was too drunk to care and was well on my way too being an obnoxious shithead by this time.

these really old rude boys were dancing near me and JB (someone tried to tell me that there were no rude boys in brisvegas!) and the extra old one who looked like mr. wolf with a shaved head told me i was the hottest thing he'd seen in 14 years. anyway it was really fun and they made sure we had plenty of room on the dance floor.

i had the best day. after we went tothe gabba to see some bands but i was pretty trashed and just wanted to sleep. i bought a badge which says shoplifters have more fun and went home sometime after twelve, which was just as well cause my parents rang at 8.15am to tell me hey were comin down to visit.

it all went pretty well they didn't say anyhting baout my hair or my clothes and i smiled and nodded and everyone ws happy in their state of denial.

lastly i saw bowling for columbine and read stupid white men, all i can say i that you HAVE to see that movie even if you don't read the book. yes, the transplants are right, it's a fucked up world we live in.

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