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what does one wear to a dinner party?

what does one do at a dinner party? i mean apart from eat or drink of course... i hope i don't look over dressed. i've settled with a black satin ripped corset type boob tube thingy and a mayby pants? or a skirt? i think i should wear pants just incase it's one of those sit on the floor hippy thingos, but i don't think it will be 'cause it's on at HCgirl's place.

anyway it should be pretty interesting but i'm pretty nervous, i don't know why...

HC girl may have to added to the permanent cast list as i've seen her alot lately, i met her about 2 years ago through the hairy goblin. she heavily tattooed and pierced and was an apprentice tattoo artist, very cool person. we always talk about starting a band adn now i want to help her on her zine. the HC stands for hardcore cause she can be intimidating. but yeah... anway i got to go...

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