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i have stocktake at work tonight... i really don't want to go but i need the money, especially after melbourne.

while i was down there i got some brown pinstripe pants, a black and white stripped v-neck sweater (very ratcat), a t-shirt that says i'm a vegemite kid and is super cute, a black ribbed stocking boob tube, the donnas turn 21 cd, descendents everything sucks cd (i'm the one is such a brilliant song... i wish someone was my one... ), a bandana/scarf with skulls on it that is also well cute, about a tonne of hairclips and some other random shit which i've already forgotten about.

anyway all is good back at the house, which hasn't been named yet but we have our house warming on the 1st of march so we'll probably do it then, except super-bruce is very sad cause his girlfriend ran away with another boy, there's just nothing you can do or say to a person to make them feel better when this shit happens. i didn't like her because she just copied my haircut (who does that? i mean i know it's really fucking cool but really.....) anway yeah, she sucks. people who cheat/lie suck hardcore.

which brings me back to a week or so ago when i was at the waterloo watching snuff (and they were fucking fantastic and then some and they had the keyboardist from madness playing with them and it was the best) anyway mr. wolf was there and i tried to run him over in my car but i hit another car. it was hell wierd, it was like i was hypnotised, must-kill-mr. wolf... so yeah i think there's still some deep seeded hurt going on, not to mention how my trust issues are affecting any future relationships...

anyway i have to go to work.

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