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i've been drinking coopers pale ale tallies all afternoon so i'm pretty "relaxed" right now...

on friday night ok2cry had their cd launch and i made the patches and shirts for it. anway they sold pretty well and it was a really good show, heaps of kids turned up so that was fun, and there was a kissing booth and free vodkas and i don't know.

i've been doing a heap of screenprinting last week. i did some red and balck wife beaters with skulls and lightening bolts on them and others with bluebirds and stars, they're all really cute. the ok2cry shirts also rock they say ok2cry on the front and one the back they say 3 different things: i made you a mixtape OR but you said... OR i cry therefore i am. but yeah i'm doing some more screenprinting on tuesday and mayby i will whore my wares at the valley markets soon...

yay for beer i love beer good.

today has been very cruisy and good..... i have stocktake again tomorrow. blah to that...

yay for $1 peep shows and our guava tree. guavas are so damn tasty it's like the complete fruit salad in single fruit. oh yeah... mmm...

the house warming party is on the 1st of march if anyone wants to come...

also i have some ok2cry cds so if you want one email me (See links) and leave an address and i will post it out ALL FREE!

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