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this is the forth time i have tried to put an entry on... the computer has been shutting itself down or the servers fucked up... it's always fucking something.

my mum bought me the cutest two tone bikini ever. i love it. it's not really practical but it's cute. i love my mum, she's so cool. she steals more stuff than i do. when i was making my screen printing screen she yoinked all the paints and squeeges i needed from her art room at the private school she teaches at. those rich brats have enough stuff anyway.

the first week of uni was hectic. i have almost got my science project organised but i've already been turned down by 2 lecturers. on the second day of week 1 i was already missing lectures. i know i suck.

it's been so long since i last updated and it's been raining most of the time. it stopped briefly for our house warming party which wasn't fantastic by my standards, i mean i've thrown better parties in my time. the house still hasn't been named and i think that it might be unlucky.....

fuck..... damn computer losing all my entries and now i can't remember any of the funny-witty things that i wanted to say..... (atleast now i can pretend i had something funny to say.)

i like a man in a navy workshirt.

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