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it's raining again. at this rate i'll never get any laundry done. i'll run out of clothes to wear..... well only if things get all naoh's ark on us and it rains for 3 months straight..... actually even then i'd still have clean clothes.

i've worked out i could dress myself for just over 3 months and never have to wear the same thing twice. undies included. which reminds me that i got some new superfantastic undies last week. they're blue check hipsters with red lace trim. super cheeky style.

the most disappointing thing to happen lately was buying the distillers sing sing deathhouse cd. i played it on repeat all day thinking that atleast one song would grow on me or get stuck in my head but to no avail. i returned it the next day. it's just not meaty enough.

i didn't feel so healthy when i woke up today. i went to a dinner party last night and i was looking foward to it because of the grand time i had at the last one. the food was pretty good but it wasn't that great. i think me feeling dodgy may be directly related to the giant cochroach i saw being chased under the fridge, but i can't be sure.

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