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on the weekend someone said i was radiant. i told them it was because i was happy but i'm attributing the warm outer glow to the six jugs of beer i consumed earlier that day. it helps that i'm happy.

i went to the jube with jb and big pink to see community cervix and mach pelican, there were a heap of other bands playing but they're the only ones i wanted to see.

mr. wolf was there and i felt nothing. not an empty nothing, just nothing. it was like seeing a person i'd never met before and i didn't care. things are geting better everyday.

later, when i was much drunker i even tried to get worked up over it 'cause i was in the mood for a rumble but i couldn't even gather the anger to spit on him. so i'm pretty sure that i'm over it and it's about time too.

on sunday me and sb had been togather a year. i haven't written about this before now because i thought i was weak for getting back with him, because relationships are hard even when they're great, because i didn't want to think i couldn't get by with out him.

he has changed, and he hasn't changed. the same goes for me. we still have problems but mostly it's fantastic. i'm glad things turned out the way they did. i think part of the reason we got back together was big pink moving back with her parents, dr jane going to europe and F1 going up the coast. i guess had they still been here it might not have happened. still i don't regret a thing and wouldn't change it.

i know i suck.

anway my 21st birhtday party is in 3 weeks and i'm pretty excited.....

all i want is a black velour hoodie with baby pink trim.

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