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i've started playing tennis again, it's my middle class upbringing coming out in me. there's nothing like some good organised sport. it keeps the kids out mischief and away from the evils of modern society...

i was supposed to play lawn bowls on saturday with the housemates and big pink but after saturday night i wasn't up for it

i went into the valley with F1 to met HC grrrl and some of her friends and drank quite a bit. we wandered around and i pissed off quite a few people being the obnoxious shithead i am.

i danced for a short while and then i went to go to jaja's lounge because they have the greatest bathrooms with couches and pillows and anyway it's been convert back into a men's only gay bar so we couldn't get in. it used to be the most famous gay club in brisbane. it had a shower room (which is what the girls toilets were converted from) and a porn room (which was the chill out room). anyway it's pretty funny.

i got a couple of hours sleep and woke up early sunday morning walked out the house in my boxers and shut the front door behind me. so i was standing in the front yard thinking what did i just do, why am i here and had to go round the back and wait for one of the boys to let me back in the house and i went back to sleep till 1pm. blah.

THE DONNAS ARE TOURING. in one month. aahhh..... too excited for words. iieee.....

anway i have assignments and all sorts of uni work which i should probably be doing.

i almost forgot to mention how much super-bruce annoys me. i think it's because he's a gemini, or maybe it's because he's a lazy slob who leaves fingernail clippings all over the house. anyway i have to have words with him when he gets home but i don't think i want to live here when the 6 month lease runs out. i'd like to live in a townhouse with dr. jane but i know that she wouldn't want to live with me.

i'm alternative. i have the badges to prove it.

3 more days until the party.

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