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i try to update and then i can't so i either forget or lose interest. anyway i'm doind it now... which reminds me i get a brand spanking new computer in a couple of days with a digital camera and web cam and all sorts of handy stuff.

the week started off fantastically. very punk rock. i went out to yum cha on sunday afternoon with big pink and F1 and got this bone stretcher for my septum. so in two days i've gone from a 14 gauge to a 10 gauge and i'm in quite a bit of pain. stretching it hurts a million times more than getting it pierced ever did. it looks like i have little tusks coming out of my nose. very pygmi. i love it but i have to take it out for work on friday night so i don't know if it's worth the pain.

i got a black velour jacket on the weekend and have been sewing a skull patch on that with candy pink cotton and it's almost finished. also i got a pink leopard print coin purse from the grocery shops for $1.50 but it's unlikely i'll ever have any change to put in it.....

aahhhhh..... fucking nose.... golly gosh..... ohhh the pain.

it hurts to breathe. it stings on the inside like blowing your nose and sneezing too much when you have a cold but it also feels bruised. so it burns and throbs. just like sex..... ha, no i'm joking.

anyway my 21st party on saturday night was so much fun. i think my night peaked at 5pm (evrything after that's a bit hazy peanut boy) when the muscle relaxants i had taken earlier had kicked in. combined with my coopers pale ale it doesn't get much better. anyway everyone that i wanted there except 2 people who i wanted to come and 2 people who i didn't really care about. HC grrrl and smaaron were no shows, but i don't think i ever really expected smaaron to be there. smell and spaquie also didn't come but fuck them.

all the bands were hell good. dub doubt, $2 wristy, zombie crime boss and new mutants played. i got alot of really good presents:
*a mirror with pink dice and skulls around it
*some nut butter and body wash from the boys
*a leopard print belt and blue stripped knee his from big pink, and a very funny card with a hippo on it. (my two favourite animals are sloths and hippos, they make me giggle)
*a $20 cd gift voucher which i bought no doubt rock steady with(you can really hear the prince influences at the end) and the best of the buzzcocks
*some patches, stickers, a purple necklace and other stuff.

it's not my actual birthday until next tuesday so more presents then. woo hoo. i'm hoping for donnas tickets. i'm getting this dress from hot topic, it came in the mail today but i'm not allowed to have it til tuesday. it's black straight halter neck with red skulls on it. i tried it on and it's super cute. i also got a sublime pin and leopard print low cut chuck all stars. oh yeah. getting stuff in the mail is the best.

anyway it was a great night i spewed pink vommit and danced, there was lots of pizza and alcohol and balloons and streamers, men humping men, wrestling, stacks-on, penises (there's this guy i don't know who just got back from england but everytime i've seen him he's pulled out his old boy), old friends, new friends and all sorts of goodness.

because it's coming into winter all the op shops are having sales i got 3 petticoats for 50 cents each and a blue belt for 50 cents and a photo frame and heaps of other stuff i'll probably never wear. i was studding the blue belt with stars but i ran out half way through.

i'm happiest dressed from head to toe in animal print and baby pink fur.

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