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neil didn't want to pay $2 for a meat pie and why would you when just down the road there's a $1 peep show.

today's a rainy day. i slept till 12pm, all suggled up in a doona and missed both my morning lectures. and now i'm eating left over chicken pasta and thinking about dancing in the rain in just my undies, but alas i live on a main road.

i have really busy weekend so i should probably being doing more constructive things with my time 'cause i have to go to uni and hand in a medinical biochem assignment (that is almost finished) then i have to work tonight.

after work i'm going to the love nest for videos, prehaps dancing and coffee later. then tomorrow i have to go pay rent and buy a 21st present for old school friend. saturday afternoon i'm going to the gabba for an all ages show and saturday night is old school friend's 21st party.

sunday morning going grocery shopping and sunday afternoon having tea with dr jane. and some where in there i have to do an NMR assignment and study for my advanced organic quiz on monday. oh my...

my tusks fell out yesterday. i had these black 'n' bloody boogers i couldn't pick because of the pain and there was pus and it slipped out. mmm... nose pus.... yum...

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