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as you can see i've change some stuff which is largely due to my super fantastic new scanner. i haven't figured out the webcam yet but i just got everything hooked up last night. oohhh to have a big flat screen. embrassing the largness..... 17 inchs of pure goodness.

the week passed too fast. old school friend had a very laid back 21st with some damn fine african reggae/funk bands, alot of stoned hippies dancing around a big red balloon.

tuesday night was my actual 21st and i went out for tea with big pink and dr jane. and then on wednesday night i went over ballerinas's (a girl i new from school)place and drank with F1 and some other kids from school. it was pretty funny.

i went to the last show ever at the gabba on thursday night. the bands were unremarkable but it was absolute chaos. at the end there was free for all looting and destruction.

i got a giant XXXX wall mount, a bar mat, 2 schooner glasses and a stubbie cooler. people were rolling out the giant wooden kegs and bar stools. anyway i got really drunk and had a fucking brilliant night. so sad.

on friday i went skateboarding with HC grrrl and little miss S. then went to a housewarming which was uneventful but nice anyway.

i worked on saturday and went up the coast for a family BBQ. i new as soon as i left the house that the first thing mum would say to me would be - "why don't you put on something nice for the party" and i was right. it was alright except dad gave areally sad and embarassing speech, but i guess it's expected.

i did pretty well from the birthday thing. i also got
*tickets to the DONNAS concert
*the new DONNAS album on vinyl
*$130 (which is paying off my leopard print low cut chuck taylor allstars)
*some ceral bowls (thanks tam)
*about 50 bottles of vodka and other assorted alcohol
*a cocktail shaker and other stuff.
and this computer aahhh...

so yeah... i'm stoked.

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