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i got 2 beavis and butthead videos and a ren and stimpy video from a pawn shop for $4 each so i've just been bumming around watching them.

i went to the zoo to see a band called the cat empire which were the most fun except too much vodka was making me feel seedy by the end of the night so i couldn't dance anymore.

then i went to a carpark show at the local community radio station (4ZZZ) on friday (public holiday) to see st. albans kids and the starting line and ended up drinking beer, eating fairy floss and watching more beavis and butthead.

saturday at work i screenprinted some promotional shirts for the store and got paid for it. so that was more fun than folding g-strings and helping old ladies try on bras.

i went to a another 21st up the coast on saturday night but it was just dinner at a thai restruant, which i didn't really like but i had fun anyway. i saw my older half-sister (she's in her mid thirties and i hardly ever see her) out when we were having coffee later, her male friends were old creepy wankers that were way too touchy and were freaking me out so i left.

on sunday i died my blonde regrowth green. i've never had green hair before so i thought why the fuck not. anyway it's alright. i mean it's no rubine red or pink flamingo but anyway...

back to work.

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