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the end

i was in the worst mood last night. it went well past being pissed off. today i'm still pretty rotten. but i don't care anymore. it's not just one thing it's everything.

my bad mood is:
1 part PMS
2 parts uni stress
1 part being poor
3 parts boyfriend issues
1 part ggrrrrr...
1 part the fuckers nextdoor mowing their lawn.
and a good helping of sleep deprivation.

i couldn't sit still or do uni work so i went to go for a drive somewhere anywhere but i had no petrol so i went around the block and then i sat in the driveway cause i didn't want to go back inside the house.

i don't really like this house, it's nice enough but it's not very homely, even when it's all messy and lived in it still seems sterile and empty. my room just isn't comfy and familiar. it's wierd.

arghhh... anyway after my exam tomorrow i'll get well messed up and all will be good again.

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