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i'm feeling much better today. instead of getting really wasted last night i vented my anger through arts and crafts with lashings of hot pink fur, leopard print velour, bonding glue and staple guns.

i got a set of draws from an op shop down the road for $5 and am covering them with pink fur and two-tone contact. i'm also making a leopard print corset. i also put up another photo in the cast page and made a photo page with all the kids on it, but i still have to edit that before i link it.

i'm at uni on my day off which sucks but i'm either going to play tennis tonight or go out with F1 to the valley and drink or go to japan4 band practice and take some photos with my digital camera for their web page.....

ohhh... ahhh... i'm going away for the labour day long weekend. 3 fun filled days at the mardi-grass (big pot festival) in nimbin listening to lots of fine reggae and hopefully going for a swim in byron before the weather gets too cold. yay for roadtrips.

i got orgazmo and XXX out on video last night. vin diseal is the greatest actor EVER.....

anyway the sooner i finish my uni work the sooner i can go home and watch it again. oh my.....

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