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it's been a long running joke that super-bruce is homosexual or at the very least bi, ever since he made out with SB last year but also more recently when he was dry humping green at our last party and admitted that he might be that way inclined. this provides me with a constant source of amusement after boring days at uni, not because i'm homophobic (i like boys and grrrls) but because super-bruce is so overtly manly and quite a hit with the ladies.

it started with a few innocent jokes here and there and then with nothing better to do i started hiding pictures of half naked men all around his room, in his cd cases, clothes pockets, under his pillow. and then me and satchel man would sit around and piss ourselves laughing as he discovered them.

my perfect plan all came together the other day when he was at uni in the computer labs and opened his workbook only to find naked men falling out. anyway i think it was the final straw for him because he's started hiding satchel man's grundies around my room, i've found 2 pairs so far. so now it's all out war. only i'm running out of things to do to him.

the fridge magnet word of the week is TANG.

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