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my brother came down on the weekend and fixed my computer so it's all good again. we went to F1's 21st with big pink, JB, the boys, ballerina and pretty much everyone was there. it was fun, i got semi-drunk on west coast coolers and it was cold.

yesterday i slept till 4pm and that was wicked then i watched a 2hour skid row video which was very funny and 80's and metal but possibly too long considering there's 3 videos in the set. i think 6 hours of skid row documentaries and clips would send anyone grade A bonkers just because of all the obscenely tight pants alone [shudder], it's worse than david bowie in the labrinth.

so anyway i have to work 4 days this week, which i haven't done in ages and don't want to do but i need the money. i hate working but i hate being poor more. what can you do..... i dyed my hair some lame new colour it's almost blonde but it's sort of orange. i want it to be white, that would be fun.


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