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before i start, if anyone knows a completely free permanent image hosting service i will love you long time.[wink wink]. i was searching for one for almost 2hours today and they're all dodgy or only last 2 weeks. ggrrr... anyway leave a note if you know of any.

i went to the donnas on friday night with big pink and was disapponited for 2 reasons.
1. it just wasn't loud. i wanted stadium rock loud and instead i got listening to a cd in another room loud. it was so quiet that you had to take out ear plugs to hear them.
2. the venue was too small and full of dirty drunk old fat men. i got to the front and a cute canadian tried to pick me up but i still could only see the shoulders of the people in front.

the donnas themselves were really good but i just wish it was louder and at a bigger venue. but oh well, it's not like i paid for the ticket...

after the donnas we went to a double 21st of some kids from uni and everyone was already well drunk be the time i arrived. i met a man called pen who drank cask wine lambrusco from an old coffee jar. there was lesiban spin the bottle and lots of debauchery. so much girl on girl action.

we were standing in the kitchen when this chick lifts her top and another chick starts sucking her nipple with a dental damn. then the chick started kissing and licking everyone with the dental damn and big pink siad it was time for us to go. secrectly i think we both wanted to have our nipples sucked by the lesiban with the dental dam.

we ran into some more people and me and big pink decided we were going to start a debbie harry/ susie quarto tribute show and tour RSLs. i'm going to be debbie harry. there was also a very positive reaction to my new blonde hair, which i'm still not too sure about but am putting a pink layer through when i get paid tomorrow.

i worked on saturday so i didn't go up the coast for this 21st that i probably should have been at. instead i went over to the jube to watch some bands play. by the time i'd got there all the bands i'd wanted to see had played. zombie crime boss and us and fatso. 3rd gear burnouts played and later i spoke to dingo who told me mr. wolf has a new girlfriend and i said sarcastically that she was the luckiest grrrl in the world.

i got right shitfaced because the chick on the door gave me $15 too much change and then i ran into one of the guys who knows ZCB and used to date my friend from uni who started buying me drinks and i played pool with him and his ex girlfriends sister.

one of the gabba grrrls was there and i also met a punk called kaity who was missing some hand and arm bones and had pale green eyes. later she shat in a pot glass and put it in the toilet. or maybe it was her boyfriend who did that... in anycase it was rank. there was lots of gold coast punks there with blue mohawks and tartans pants doing punk stuff and letting off firecrackers. those gold coast punks are so much more old-school and hardcore.....

later the guy i was playing pool with got well drunk and kept grabbing my ass and kissing the top of my head. new settlement rogue played and they sucked, but they've always sucked. Then when SB came to drive my car home he was like no, come out to the valley with us and crash at my place tonight, even though he knows that i'm with SB and not interested in him at all. i laughed at him and went on my way. he used to go out with ballerina and like 50 other grrrls i know but he's a good person to know 'cause he works for a t-shirt company and is a photographer.

on sunday i painted my set of draws riot pink but it's too dark and watched a really lame movie called roadkill or something. anyway it was a marvellous weekend.

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