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another pleasant weekend , not as grand as the last one but still very nice. i was bought some warm homebaked cookies today that were lovely, they were cookie dough but still homebaked. that boy of mine is the sweetest not unlike a mrs. fields choc-chip cookie. mmm.....

i'm drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows right now and all in all everything is very subdued and calm... something bad is about to happen... but what... [supspenseful piano music in background] it always happens this way. just when everything is just how i like it. i'm telling myself don't expect too much but i am.

super-bruce just broke up with his girlie, i was never her biggest fan and she was always cheating on him so it's all good now... i made garlic and seasame pork and rice for tea. yummo. and i also had my first chat on msn today which was lots of fun. i'd never used it before.

F1 didn't come over on thursday night and i haven't seen her i over a week. i haven't even got any emails, not even junk, in almost 2 weeks [the one from smaaron doesn't count] well it sucks. emails make you feel all warm and fuzzy. oh well.....

i got drunk on friday after work and went to a rather grand housewarming at a very nice house. it was fun, i danced to sir mix-a-lot and had many irreverrant conversation which amused me greatly. i didn't want leave.

on saurday i went to the new club splurt at chardon's which they have done up well, good sound, but maybe too dark..... i saw draft dodger for the first time and they were rad. i still have to get over the habit of calling club splurt the gabba cause i'm so used to it. i saw vicious and they were good, not great, not fantastic, just plain good. existence is dead were a bit art for me and i saw some other crap band. i think they were called team dickhead. you can tell alot about a band from there name.

i also got my haircut at a hairdresser for the first time in a year after all the recent dying. and relised it would probably be cheaper to clone myself than regularly go to one. mind you i did go to paddo. and atleast i'd always get what i want. it's a good haircut but it's not great. oh well...

i lost my atm card on friday arvo so i had to cancel so now i have to go itno a bank to get money out and won't get a new one for a week. arghhh...

anyway i need to pee.

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