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i'm looking foward to wednesday night because a group of roit grrrls and feminists are getting together to organise ladyfest brisvegas and then i'm going to see stockholme syndrome..... but it's at scary street, and i hate the place. i've only been there twice, absolutely blind drunk. it's the new emo/straight edge club in the city where lots of shitty cry/yell bands with obsecure names play every wednesday (for the rest of the week "club sabotage" is actually a mainstream popular dance club/meat market were girls in small shiny clothes go to meet footballers and get date-raped).

i was at all star tattoo in indooro last week and there were 3 sXe kids from the north coast, the guy at the tattoo shop said they come down every fortnight to get tattooed. all of them had only just turned 18 and they all had matching xXx tattoos on there calves, one boy had his whole leg done, and striaght egde xXx across his whole stomach in old english and another one had sXe brotherhood across his back and was in the process of getting full sleeves. how do they know when they're 25 or 30 they won't want to have a quite beer with friends or at a BBQ or one day they might just want drink themselves to oblivion when they realise they're completely covered in gay tattoos.

not that i have anything against straight people, some of my good friends are straight edge. but advertising it like it makes you a better, stronger more interesting person is a joke. everyone seems to jumping on this pc, emo, straight edge, christian bandwagon lately. teen agnst is the same fucking teen agnst it always was, everyone is still wearing black and depression still fucking depression but now it's so fucking trendy and everyone's got the same poser black refused hair (short back/long fringe). straight edge isn't a lifestyle choice anymore it's a fashion statement.

it's a fashion statement which says: i'm so sad [cry cry] i have too much money [cry cry] or atleast my parents do which why i can afford all these ultra expensive clothes [cry cry] and i'm crying so much 'cause i just got xXx tattoo across my bumhole cause i'm THAT HARD. aarghhhh... i was told that the 3xs stand for no drugs, no alcohol, no promicuos sex [which makes me wonder what these kids are doing for fun and does it count if you just wank eachother off...] fair enough if you don't drink, don't smoke, don't do drugs, don't have sex but all it is now is a bunch a self-rightous, pretentious posers who listen to shit bands and give all other sXe a bad name.

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