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learning from mistakes - 2005-06-09
pole lotta love - 2004-09-16
count on this - 2004-09-12
rude girl xscrhcx - 2004-09-11
going out drinking beer - 2004-09-10

if you want to know you'll have to ask

nothing new to tell and nothing else to say

the end

there's only one thing a grrrl can do at times like this. i'm going to drink my self to oblivion, then back, then to oblivion again.

this is just like the time i thought i'd found the perfect pair of pants but when i tried them on they made my butt look huge. yep i look like a huge ass right now. i'm a complete fucking idiot.

beer is always there to pick me up when i'm falling down. i love you beer.

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