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the events of last week were all the result of my world spinning off it's axis last tuesday night/wednesday morning and me entering some alternate universe. i solved my problems and overcame my fears by drinking heavily and have now found myself rooted back in the real world unsure of what to do next and what is actually real.

last wednesday night i went to scary street and saw stockholme syndrome who were so much better than i'd expected especially after seeing their super-femme haircuts.

earlier before that i went to the ladyfest meeting with F1 and ballerina and the chick who was getting her nipple sucked at the party was there and it was all very amusing and productive.

later that week on friday night me and big pink got into frenzal rhomb for free. and an old gutter punk who used to live with one of the original gabba grrrls bought me heaps of rum and cokes. useless id from iseral were tasty and heaps good. but frenzal were too much talk not enough rock. so we left before they finished and went to the valley with another gabba grrrl where drummer boy was sitting around looking very sad and timdog was being an asshole. i started feeling seedy and went home.

so last tuesday..... i had a petty arguement with super-bruce about the mess hall playing at the gabba a couple of times over the past years, like supporting fez perez and gazoonga, which he disputed saying that there's no way he wouldn't have known and so i was saying that he wasn't really in the "scene"..... which is all beside the point but it was getting late by now (sometime after 11pm) and i was pissed of and it had just started to rain heavily and that's when everything went wrong.....

i don't want to talk about, i'd rather forget it, i couldn't sleep or eat or think and it was really very ggrrr..... today i feel much better.

i'm going to melbourne again in july. woo hoo.

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