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i went to fasta pasta for tea last night. i love that place. my favourite one is actually vegetarian which everyone finds amusing but it's so fucking good that i don't care that it doesn't have meat in it. after tea i got stealing havard and sweet home alabama from the video store.

now before you judge me you must keep in mind my super large 80's video collection and how i own EVERY patrick dempsey movie except the pizza boy, so i was very interested to see his comeback into mainstream cinema. unfortunately it was tripe and he was hardly in it at all.

but i will say this. now there's a man in his thirties i'd shag given the chance. which is saying something 'cause old men (that is over 25 for me) are dodgy. maybe i'm just saying that cause i've stopped taking the pill and my hormones all fucked up now and definately not because he's an 80's teen idol 'cause corey feldman the the rest of them eewww, no thanks.

everything is all fucked up now..... ohhh.....

anyway as i was sitting down to my patrick dempsey fest and F1 rang so i went to scary street again. i was agitated from being sober, so i drank and bought a shirt. the shirt itself is pretty cool. it's got a chainsaw on it and says i killed the prom queen only when i later saw the actual band play they were crap. i only really liked the first band i saw but i don't remember the name.

so i was drinking with lego man's grrrl and thinking about moving in with her and smaaron was there with the tank and lawny(smaaron's best friend who i made out with one new years...) so i chatted to smaaron for abit and he was freaked out cause of my blonde hair (it's my natural colour and how it was when i first met him in high school), my parents were pretty excited about it too when i saw them last weekend. i thought they were going to pee themselves..... it's that exciting.

later i was talking to lawny about how smaaron and everyone has started going to church, except us. so he asked what i did with myself on sundays and i replied ohhh... i just sit at home drinking beer and masturbating. so we laughed at the churchies who pull more cones, do more drugs and have more 3somes than anyone else we know. they make me look softcore in comparison. anyway it was good to see them both again. smaaron has some really bad tattoos now. he has the giant AFI bat on his arm. (also the new AFI cd is crap) anyway it's lame and it overlaps another tattoo so it just looks messy and prison-like.

i want to go down the coast on saturday for a tattoo show and rockabilly festival but the sailors are touring so i really want to see them as well. dilemma dilemma. i'm going with big pink tomorrow at 11am to get pierced so that should be fun. and then on sunday me and super-bruce are riding bikes to the flea markets. weeeee.....

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