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i'm just going to chop the whole damn thing off. it would be very art. i could make up amasing tales about losing it wrestling crocodiles up north.....

my package came in the mail today. the hairclips were broken but everything is pretty good. people in america must be on the larger size. i ordered 2 pairs of the smallest undies they had and they're massive. i could use them as a parachute almost..... [they're not that big but i've made my point] anyway they're well cute.

i lost horribly at tennis on wednesday night. tonight is super-bruce's 21st birthday and i didn't even know. i mean i knew it was soon so we went to sizzler for abit of all you can eat action. yum anyway now i have some scientific litrature reports that are due tomorrow and haven't started. i've been meaning to do them for months.

all this drinking lately has really got in the way of me achieving anything important [except when my goal is to get real trashed, make out with a chick and throw up on myself] after jonny's birthday party tomorrow night no more drinking for 2 weeks.

i go on my open license on monday so i have to go get another drivers licence photo taken which i'm not looking foward to..... blah

anyway and most importantly..... i have new email cause my old one has died and i also got msn instant message thing.
email: [email protected]

here's a new photo of me and F1 from her 21st. i have a heap of photos i'll put up in 2 weeks. get excited.

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