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my last couple of entries have been dribble... i can't believe i used the word clacky... i don't know what i was thinking. it's all this exam stress. arrrgghhh.....

i failed advanced organic chemistry miserably yesterday.

in hindsight i probably shouldn't have got quite as drunk last friday. but i did have a very good night. after work we went to this party at some fancy club in the city but the daquaris were $12 so me and F1 went to the casino were they're only $3 and drank lots of them with single drunk and scary middle age people.

then we caught a bus to the valley and drank cocktails with super-bruce for his 21st and danced, i ran into the 3lip ring chick again. there was some table dancing which was fun... all in all well worth it.

i can't believe how much tomato sauce we eat at this house. we go through a family bottle every fortnight. i don't think i use that much... it just seems like alot of tomato sauce for 3 people to be eating.....

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