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as far as uni goes it wasn't a very productive day but a couple of good things did happen.

there was this warehouse movie clearance and i got puberty blues(possibly the greatest australian movie ever), rock and roll high school(with the ramones) and transformers: the movie ('cause i was so jealous when one of my friends got it a couple of weeks ago). i want to go back tomorrow and get ALL THE EVIL DEAD movies and rainbow brite and beavis and butthead do america. yay.

i also got a heap of CD-Rs which have a vinyl top and look like mini records, they're so fucking rad. so i'm going to burn a heap of cds on the holidays cause i haven't used my burner yet. i also got this green triangle retro clock that says ITS MASHED POTATO TIME, it's too funny for words. it was only $4 but i already broke it.

here goes nothing.....

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