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yesterday was too much fun. i got so drunk.

in the moring i went op shopping with big pink and HC grrrl. then JB came over and we had kebabs and the bottle of absolute vodka i'd been saving. then ballerina came over and we went to chardon's to see dayglo abortions from canada.

originally the idea was to check out this all grrrl punk band who i want to get to play at the layfest show i'm helping to organise but we got kicked off the bus and had to wait for the next one.

when we got to chardon's vicious were playing and i've decided that they get worse everytime i see them. so we drank more. ummm i saw dayglo arbortions and the lead singer was pretty funny with all his dance moves, i had a run in with him at the bar earlier when he told me that my pants were too low and i said his were too high... anyway i really liked them. 6 bums up.

we went home and had another couple of drinks and caught a bus to the valley to met up with the boys but it was so much fun just not having any around. we had to dismount when both JB, big pink and ballerina had to piss and they did it on the steps of a jewellery shop in the city, much to my amusement.

finally we caught a 5th bus to the valley and couldn't get into this club because the doorman said big pink was too drunk (a breath test at the pizza shop later revealed she was atleast 5 times over the legal blood alcohol limit) so we went to the rg and drank more. there was no dancing but i don't think anyone was capable of dancing by this point. i think mostly i just drank alot.

ballerina got pretty ill and i'd lost big pink and we'd been drinking for 12hours (12pm to 12am) so it was time to throw in the towel and call it a night. i had to work today but i don't think i've shaped up too badly. anyway it was a fucking marvellous day and so much fun.

here's cheers

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