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oohhhh i was just on suicide girls and i noticed that the first australian on there is this scene chick i see around from brisvegas. she is more in the emo/hardcore scene while i'm more in the punk el groto scene... i've never actually met her but the whole thing is so small... i can't remember her name but she seems pretty cool but she's so skinny i could snap her over my knee and i don't think skinny is that attractive at all. i like a bit of meat on the bones [of both my guys and girls].

maybe i'm just jealous i'm not a suicide girl. but yeah i can't look at her set cause i'm not a member but her profile photos weren't very good ones, i think she's much cuter in real life. as much as it would be fun i'd hate to have bad photos on the internet for everyone to see.

i just got paid so i'm going op shopping. weeeee.....

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