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i haven't updated in ages because nothing has been happening and i got my hands on the new harry potter book and couldn't put it down for 2 days. ohhhh ahhhh..... i just want to go to harry potter chat rooms and talk about it. i can't believe who died. it's crap.....

anyway i went and visited my parents up the coast yesterday, the whole thing was very pleasant. i got a black cardigan and lots of food, and there was roast for tea.

well apart from a run in with a libarian, a cold, uneventful 21st party out in the sticks, some yum cha and a quiet ska show at chardons with hardly any people there nothing much else has been happening except i finished all the stocktake stuff at work but i have to work again this arvo. oh well.

i'm getting absolutely blind tonight and smoking fat cuban cigars (mostly to piss of the sXe with there bandanas... heehee) an wearing too much eyeshadow and hanging out and scary street to see some new bands play so i should have something more interesting tomorrow.

happy birthday green.

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