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i will start this tale the same way i start many a story... i got drunk last night and danced... the bands were good and the old gabba croud had taken over mary street and there was chaos and butt slapping and booze and sweat and old friends. it was 3 seperate peoples birthdays which lead to the further excessive consumption of alcohol. i've decied that the guava vodka crusiers are damn tasty but alas i always return to beer.

today i went into the city to meet big pink on her lunch break and bought her a much overdue birthday present [a two tone studded belt], later i tried on some amusing clothes at a mainstream fashion store for kicks. [i looked so funny]

then i met F1 and we did some more shopping i got a heap of 5 point star studs which were expensive but good, some pink hairdye, a res heads cd [ex-nancy vandals kids] and i wanted to get ratcat tingles EP but when i took it up to the counter they couldn't find it [it's really old 80s music].

after that we had our ladyfest meeting which wasn't as productive as it should be cause people don't come to them, there was5 of us. slack cunts. anyway we have to try and get some sponsorship for it now so we can photocopy posters and hire pas andgeneral stuff like thAT MY ZINE SHOULD BE DONE IN ANOTHER WEEK OR SO stuff. blah.

also i found out that it was super-bruce who owns the harmonica and not satchel man as i orginally thought. not that it matters. fucking hippies.....

cigars aren't for smoking there for posing.....

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