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this isn't just like in the movies. if it was like in the movies i would have thrown your drink in your face, put your pasta in your lap, stormed out of that quaint little restraunt thrown assorted dvd's and videos out of the car [or better yet hocked them at cashies], driven away with you still sitting there with no idea and never looked back. but like i said, this isn't like movies and things are complicated enough without my hysteria and voilent temper.

anyway things aren't so bad i had a good day today. i woke up and had custard apple and a poptart for beakfast and went to the city with HC grrrl and i got the ratcat cd that i wanted and a veruca salt cd which is quite pleasant... then we went to the industrial estate down tha road and skateboarded for a couple of hours. yay.

i seriously hadn't sketboarded in so long that my board had spiderwebs on it. it was rainy and so nice and cool. anyway i think it was what i needed cause i feel much better now. i got rid of all my excess energy and pent up sexual tension.

tonight big pink is over and perhaps F1 will also come over and were just doing videos and gossiping and dying/cutting/ maybe drinking.

tomorrow my work is paying me to go to an advertising seminar and i can't think of anything more painful.

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