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i got my computer back at it's all good now. i ate so much food at my parents place, steak stew and lemon delicious pudding with custard and cherries and chocolate and yummm... mum got a mobile phone which i never thought would happen. she took me shopping and i got some sexy pink lip gloss and the cutest red and orange lace bra so that was fun.

i still haven't checked my uni results, i can't bring myself to do it. i started doing up another piece of furniture and i also got a wooden cable reel i'm goign to turn into a coffee table either with astro turf and farm animals or checkplate and dice.

the annual BOOZESTOCK is on at chardon's this saturday. 25 bands and more alcohol than you can poke your pot glass at. hooray. the boys and big pink are going to the big hippy/crap music fest down in byron this weekend so i have the house to myself. if it wasn't so cold i could run aroud naked or something. mostly i think i'll be sitting by my 1200watt fan heater in atleast 4 layer of clothes trying to keep warm and wacthing zombie island massacre on video.

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