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BOOZESTOCK yesterday was so much fun. i went to chardon's at 1pm but the bands hadn't started yet and there was a room full of old guys and a topless waitress wearing nothing but knee high boots and an orange lace g-string, so me and JB got some tallies and came back to my place and watched zombie island massacre, which incidently had no zombies in it, much to my disappointment. after that i had so vodka and ribena and we went back to chardon's about 5pm.

we saw the end of blowhard and i drank quite a few strawberry daquaris. draft dodger were really good. there were so many people there; all the old gabba grrrls, mr. wolf's friends, lego man and his girly, uni kids, heaps of people i hadn't seen in ages, lots of gold coast punks, in particular the one that shat in the pot glass was there again. i met a heap of new poeple which was also fun.

there were more daquaris. and i was feeling seedy so we went and got food but it all came back up about 8ish and i thought i was gone for the night. but i got my second wind about an hour later and made it through til 12 when i went home cause i couldn't stand anymore, but i think i saw most of the all skas, disables, 6ft hick, safari krishnas and some other bands... so many good looking people there last night. oh my... but i was there with sb.

there was this one guy who kept coming up to me and he had all these black satanic looking tattoos on his arm but a really cute smile and he was just adorable... anyway later this he's friend was like so-so is hitting on you and at one point he got down on his knee in front of me and it was the cutest thing. gosh. except i thought he was trying to steal my atom and his package badge that was on my skirt cause i was drunk and confused.

i talked to this guy who lives with mr. wolf now and he was showing me all the body work he got done in the states, he got most of this calf done and a 4gauge rod through his stomach. i took my camera but the batteries were flat so i didn't get any photos but oh well, i got lots of kisses from random poeple so that made up for it.

i went to the valley for breakfast with sb and green this morning and saw my photo in the valley mall piercing shop. i'm so drunk in it. it's pretty good but. i'm waiting for little miss S to call so me, HC grrrl and her can go skateboarding. weeeee.....

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