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my mum came down from the coast yesterday and we went to the art gallery togetherfor the pierre bonnard exhibition which was really good [french post-expressionist]. he did some really amazing stuff with colour lithographs but his nude lacked any depth and all his other paintings were too busy.

after that we had pumpkin, pesto and fetta woodfired pizza and coffee and did some shopping. i forget how great my mum is, everything i was worried about she just does the mum things that lets me know that it's all going to be ok. i think i just really needed to talk to her. anyway mum's the best, i love her.

after she went back to the coast me and F1 had a dinner party with JB and doctor jane and old school friend. big pink and ballerina both couldn't make it, everyone seems to be getting sick with this being winter and all. i made spinach and fetta canalloni which had no meat product in it..... it was alright..... not as good and my beef and bacon canalloni.

after tea we went to the valley and sat around there for a while drinking herbal tea which reminded me of when i was at that hippy party in west end last week and soemone offered me ginger "tea" i accpeted and took a sip and said tastes like ginger, lemon juice and honey, what type of tea is this? to which old school friend replied ohhh it's just ginger, lemon juice and honey in hot water, that's what tea is. all along i've been lead to believe tea contained traces of tea leaves..... damn hippies.

anway mostly me and F1 reminised about high school, it was too funny and went home about 1am. i was up till 5am talking to sb and then slept till 12pm today. i went to get a best of AC/DC and bouncing souls cd today but couldn't find either and came home empty handed so now i'm doing some internet shopping. yay.

this is me and F1 in the valley last night. i'm the pasty white one.

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