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the weekend past was the valley fiesta, this year i decided to boycott it. standing around for 1/2hour waiting to get into a club to see a band i've seen 1000 times before squished up against 10000 other cunts... mmm no thank you... any other day of the week i could see the same bands and dj's play to maybe 20 other people.

i went down the coast on the friday night for a 21st and we wenty to this "alternative" music club [meaning it played greenday and afi]. i was designated driver and the only sober person but i got some good photos. it's not often i'm designated driver anymore... i've been told twice in the last week that i suck at it but that's ok 'cause i get to drink more. yay.

i have never seen so many street fights in my life. i think i saw 4 in an hour. anyway this 1 guy was getting beaten up by 4 other guys and the bounceers kicked him out and he then got dragged away by 7 police... [i got photos] the 4 guys that beat him up were still in the club which not 10 minutes earlier 2 of our friends got kicked out of for being drunk and dancing but the 4 agro figthing people don't get kicked out?

saturday night i just went to chardons for a bit with sb, green and timdog there was like 4 other people there [valley fiesta] so i went home early. there was the all star tattoo show on sunday but $20 to see a heap of crap emo and hardcore bands. so i thought fuck that too. all in all i was pretty negative about everything all weekend but not unhappy.

yesterday i played tennis really well and almost beat the guy and then he started cheating like saying the point he'd won at duece and then saying i didn't win and then i only lost to him in a tie break cause i was so pissed off. he was a wanker. one of those men who can't handle being beaten by a grrrl. i still have to play him again in a couple of weeks and i'm going to kick his ass.

him and his partner didn't talk to me or my partner all night. it was just really rude cause you're out there for like 3hours and it can get boring if you're not playing a set. and it's SOCIAL fixtures..... anyway they sucked. my tennis partner is really cool, she's a stripper in the city, although you wouldn't pick it. we must make the oddest pair considering we play accountants and bankers and wankers like last night.

my alarm clock didn't go off and i missed my morning lecture. FUCKFUCKFUCK.

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