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i was reading sweet valley high yesterday while waiting to play tennis and the chick dies in the end from a cocaine overdose, which is nothing exceptional except this is a sweet valley high novel and i thought it was supposed to be all slumber parties and boy stories, which makes me wonder what i missed out on by not reading the babysitters club as youngster. was that all crackwhores and pimps.....

anyway that was weird, as was the old man getting semi-nude and sunbathing next to me at uni today, i think he may have been a hobo. the next weird thing is then when i get home and a car has broken down outside the house so i ask the guy if he needs to use the phone and he's waiting for the RACQ, anyway he says he's already called them so me and satchel man ask him in for a cuppa.

weedy looking long haired hippy who plays the trumbone.

so he comes in and has some water and then RACQ arrives and he comes back to the door a minute later and asks if he can borrow money for petrol, $8. says he'll pay us back and leaves his name and phone number. so we lend him the money.

then big pink comes over and we use up a roll of film by taking photos of the 4 of us with stupid hairdos and then the hippy with the car returns and satchel man is dressed as a pirate ['cause i was taking photos for the invite for satchel man's 21st pirate party] and he gives us $10 and me and satchel man split the profit 50/50, $1 each.

then i give super-bruce a haircut and he doesn't like it so i'm like ahh fuck it and won't give him the scissors to fix it and he's just gone to meet his new girlfriend in the city with this well funny haircut.

too much weirdness.

this weeknd i'm going to a ski lodge theme party and greazefest. woo hoo.....

how sad that it's only tuesday afternoon and i'm already gagging for the weekend.

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