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i went to the doctors today because the unhealthy feeling from yesterday had persisted and apparently i have inflammed liver, which doesn't suprise me so after this weekend i'm not drinking for awhile..... until next weekend when i have some 21st parties to go to..... but then after no more drinking.....

who am i trying to kid. i don't have gout or jaundice again yet and still have control over bodily functions so really there's nothing to worry about except of course that inflammed liver..... but they can be replaced these days..... i'll just get a recycled second-hand one or a pig one..... i'm not fussy when it comes to body parts as long as it's doing it's job.

i'm going cold turkey from spider solitaire and free cell no more computer card games when i should be doing carbohydrate chemistry. grrr... anyway big pink's coming over tonight and we are going out to get her a man to play with. yay.

that "something's not quite right" stomach feeling is back with a vengence.

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