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i checked out the new indie temple last night. it was alright, good sound, cheap jugs, nice atmosphere but the band i saw was so bad. i'm not sure what they were called but they sound like the one big long bad greenday song [think time of our lives] after a couple of jugs of vodka under the belt it was too funny so we got up and danced with the other 4 people who must have been there girlfriends 'cause they thought all there christmas had come at once..... wow real punks dancing to our band.....

last night was marred slightly by green being in a shit mood which was inturn bringing everyone else down and in the end we just ignored him tried to ditch him. it's not that i don't like green but when he drinks he's an arguementative self-rightous wanker and i just want to be happy and cruisy and it makes me pissed off and if i'm not a happy drunk then i'm a very angry drunk [insert random acts of violence and aggrivation here], anyway i wanted to bitchslap him.

firstly there is rarely a weekend when i don't see him and he doesn't crash back at my house or at sb's. he gets in the way of doing anything cause it's all like ohhh can't do that cause green's here and he's one of those "just show up" people and on top of that he is always whinging and complaining about something... my car is fuct/ my job is fuct/ my ex-girlfriend is fuct/ everything's fuct and it's just depressing hanging around him.

he has a fulltime job and lives at home with his parents and drives a BMW and complains to me about having no money when he earns a week what i live off a month which really irks me. like when i have no money it's like no money, when he has no money he still has credit cards and parents and money.

then last night sb was saying how he was getting me a free ticket to AFI and if green wanted to go there was one for sale. and green goes to me why don't we go halves in the one for sale then we can both go... but if i'm getting one for free why the fuck would i want to pay for him to go, especailly since he doesn't even like AFI. so i said i'm not going if i have to pay 'cause it doesn't bother me if i miss them it would just be good to see... and then he starts yelling at me about how that's not fair and he's really poor at the moment. well if he sucks sb off i'm sure he might get a free ticket and we all know he wants to.

he idolises sb so much it's really sort of single white female scary. like sb gets macbeth's then green does too and he follows him round like a puppy dog. it makes me so angry when i want to get up to some mischief with sb and green's hanging round aand he won't leave, like he doesn't get it and never takes no for an answer. like at the housewarming for this place he managed to piss of 5 of my friends in less than an hour [jb/ homebrew boy/ dr jane/ me/ super-bruce and F1] and then when F1 had her 21st party the next week and i told him it was close friends only he was so persistant he rang pete like 3 times on the night asking if he could come and sms'd me a heap and i was like no and he just wouldn't leave it.

so then he left 4 beers in the fridge last week when he crashed here after the ska show and it's well known fact at sharehouses any food/drink products left unclaimed become property of the house after 24 hours. me and big pink polished them off last night and he's going on about how i should replace them because me and i my flatmates have drunk atleast $50 of his alcohol [which is a gross overstatement to begin with] and he shouldn't leave them here otherwise. this is a house not a short-term holding falicilty. so he's getting angry and having this big that's my beer rant [4 beers... move on...] despite the fact he crashes on our couch once a week. fucking wanker so yeah i'm pissed off. he can lick my bumhole if he thinks he's ever crashing here again. faggot.

that's funny how the most offensive thing you could call a guy in high school was faggot or poof. i'm too worked up to think of soemthing more pc and offensive to call him, no offence to bi/homosexual/transgender people. i'm just really annoyed.

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