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well i'm 2 weeks back at uni and already behind. i got my first assignment today but i'm feeling more positive about this semester. after applying for a new job they are finally giving me more hours at work..... i'm working at a different store this afternoon in the suburbs..... so i imagine i'll be selling alot of bike pants and full briefs. yay.

i found the best looking bass in the world, well not the best, once i found a pear shaped apple green bass but it was $1000 and too big for me. it's a dan electro [yes i know they sound crap 'cause they're made of plastic] but it's so fucking cute and mint green and light. it looks like a kitchen appliance and not a guitar. anyway i want it.

there is no food left here so i'm eating old porridge and dreaming of other culinary delights, even the evil M seems like a step up from here but i will not succumb. the porridge is making the roof of my mouth stick together which is the least of my problems 'cause it tastes like evil and i'll be happy if i can keep it down. i'm actually craving baked beans.....

well my tennis team, the racquettes, is coming last but it's only 3 weeks into the season. my tennis partner has one of the dirtiest mouths i've ever heard on a person, male or female and that's saying something. the things that come out of that grrrls mouth would make a sailor blush. last night it was all talk of 9 inch cocks. the guys we played were falling all over themsleves and creaming their pants when she told them she was a stripper but it didn't help us win any games.

so the point here... sex appeal and a pair of tits are useless if you still can't play tennis and don't get what you want.

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