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well blondie played last night and for a mere $100 i could have basked in her wonderfulness. anway i was tossing it up and decided it wasn't worth it. on one hand it's BLONDIE on the other hand she's getting on now and the old grrrl's not what she used to be, plus i haven't heard the new album that the tour is for so i'm not bothered..... only the slightest bit anyway.

it's raining today... yay for puddles. uni today was blah. i've complied a list of things i hate:

*missing blondie, cause she'll probably die before she gets to tour again.

*textbooks and textbook related activities. nothing puts me to sleep faster than physical chemistry or physics.

*the costs of textbooks. today i spent the same amount as a blondie ticket on a textbook, had i not needed the textbook i could have seen blondie. grrr...

*the people in my carbohydrate chem talking about the sum41/newfound glory show this weekend. they suck. the people and the bands.

*green [the person not the colour]..... enough said.

yesterday i got possibly the greatest thing ever..... MR. T GIANT CARD GAME! to quote the back of the box: "...features MR. T in four classic MR. T poses..." how fucking cool is that. my favourite is one of him pointing to his bicep and flexing his muscle. my scanner is not functioning at the moment but i'll scan it when it is, it's too funny.

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