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hmmmph. well i just went skating with big pink at the industrial estate down the road, because it's big and quiet. so we where there for awhile when another car pulls up in the car park near us [which is odd 'cause nobody goes there and it's 8.30pm on a wednesday] so we thought it was some more skaters and went on skating.

10 minutes later this car pulls up next to me and this guy with his 4 other mates in the car yells in this really knocker voice "my brother likes one of youse..." and then something else i couldn't understand. i shot him this look which i hope said "you've got to be fucking joking, get fucked" and started to skate back to the car with big pink running behind me 'cause she still can't skate really well yet, and they drove off. grrr...

you could tell that they were the type of guys who were now saying to eachother "...they were lesbo bushpigs anyway man..." and then go on complaining about how all womyn are bitches with constant pms and wonder why they can't get any.

this annoys me because i feel now like it's impossible to go anywhere without a man thinking because you're female you should be so lucky as to get their attention. i don't know about anyone else but there's nothing more flatter than a car full of guys yelling "my friends thinks you're a bit of alright 'cause you're ass is peachy..." "why thanks, do you want me to suck you off here, i don't mind if they watch..." RAR FUCKING RAR.

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